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Begivenheder i Venedig og omegn: detalje

From 20 August 2014 to 31 December 2014


From  May 30th 2013 to December  31st 2014 Punta della Dogana presents  to the public the exhibition of contemporary art Prima Materia, curated by Caroline Bourgeois and Michael Govan. The exhibition brings together a collection of some 80 works from 1960 to the present, made ??by artists of the Pinault Collection.

Prima Materia proposes a dialogue between major art movements of the Sixties - as the Mono-Ha in Japan and Arte Povera in Italy - and the work of younger artists. The exhibition also includes a selection of large installations specially commissioned for the exhibition venue.

The works presented in the exhibition just try to focus on this "first matter", which encompasses all the answers to the universal questions that man faces: space, time, others, life, death, suffering and the environment.

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