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Del 05 Junio 2014 al 31 Agosto 2014

Serenissima Babel


The historic Caffè Florian in Venice will host from June 5 to August 31 , the exhibition ' Serenissima Babel ' of the artist Matteo Pugliese, curated by Stefano Stipitivich , on the occasion of the 14th International Architecture Exhibition of the Venice Biennale . The work of a true reinterpretation of an ancient Chinese coffee room , whose walls and ceiling will be temporarily covered with monochrome panels .

The artistic project involves the placement of a large face of a young man who seem to emerge from the back wall of the room, while thousands of three-dimensional letters of different alphabets (Latin, greek , Russian, Hebrew, Arabic , Armenian , and others) seem to float on the walls Cafeteria of the Piazza San Marco. "The work of Matteo Pugliese - the curator -Stipitivich says - wants to emphasize the role of Venice as incredible crossroads in its long history, different cultures , peoples and languages ??. And just from this melting pot, this ' Babel ' , who founded the beauty and richness of the Venetian Republic . "

















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