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ऑफर के विवरण

From 18 December 2014 to 27 December 2014


Can you think of a more magical place to spend your holidays?

Venice at Christmas is the city as it exists for locals: magic, serene and beautiful. The canals twinkle with holiday sparkle and its less crowded squares and desert quays will allow you to savour the essence of the city with all of its extravagant architecture laid bare.

There is nothing more divine than seeing the Christmas trees on the balconies of the palaces from the Grand Canal with the light streaming onto the building turning them to burnished gold.

We are pleased to invite you to celebrate your Christmas Eve and Christmas Day at the Hotel Giorgione.

Our offer includes:

Stay in a double room and rich buffet breakfast

Christmas Eve dinner at the Osteria Giorgione

Christmas Day lunch at the Osteria Giorgione

Bottle of Italian Prosecco served in your room

Special Christmas Gift


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