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Panduan pelancong yang sentiasa dikemaskinikan, penuh dengan informasi, cadangan dan fakta-fakta menarik ini merupakan satu sumber rujukan yang terbaik untuk merancang perjalanan anda dan dibawa bersama anda semasa anda mengunjungi Venice dan kawasan sekitarnya...

Acara di Venice dan sekitarnya: butiran

Dari 08 May 2014 hingga 02 November 2014


"Vedova  in the round "is the title of the exhibition that the Foundation and Emilio Vedova Annabianca chaired by Alfredo Bianchini organized in Venice in Salt Warehouse from May 17 to November 2. After the exceptional appointments that have seen side by side with the works of the Venetian master the work of Louise Bourgeois, the installations of Anselm Kiefer, the architecture of the theaters of Aldo Rossi and sculptures by Roy Lichtenstein, the machine will be turned on again the extraordinary exhibition designed by Renzo Piano.
Opportunity to compare the inauguration on May 16: For the first time in the history of the Foundation a direct approach to the music, an evocation of a particular Emilio Vedova for this form of artistic expression that has seen him co-star in 1984 of 'Prometheus unforgettable Luigi Nono, together, once again, Renzo Piano, designer of the complex and extraordinary wooden structure.

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