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Historical Residences in Venice

The Giorgione Hotel represents the dream of vacationing in one of the most prestigious ofVenice’s period residences. With large ballrooms, a typical Venetian internal courtyard, antique furniture, Murano glass and brocades, a charming and professionally cordial welcome, this is for the best of stays in one of the most beautiful historical residences in Venice.

Period Venetian Residences

For your next holiday in a period residence in Venice, the Giorgione Hotel awaits you to share the thrill of staying in an authentic historical Venetian residence surrounded by the attention, comfort and modern services to make this the most pleasant vacation in a period Venetian residence.

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Historical Venetian Residences

Giorgione Hotel
SS. Apostoli, 4587
30131 Venice, Italy
Ph. +39.041.5225810
Fax +39.041.5239092
VAT 02336780271

Historical Residences in Venice - Period Residences in Venice