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The Historical Regatta - 6th September 2020

It will not be known to the general public as the famous Carnival, but the Historical Regatta is a perfect opportunity to take a dip in the history of Venice.

Besides being the most important Venetian rowing competition, it is also a popular feast that has been going on for the past 600 years to which all foreigners are invited, certainly more interested in the colourful procession that anticipates the race.

Starting from the 1950s, the procession remembers the magnificent welcome that was given to Caterina Cornaro (queen of Cyprus) upon her arrival in 1489, after her abdication in favour of Venice.

In the procession dozens of typical Venetian rowing boats parade with gondoliers in costume. On board the Doge, the Dogaressa, Caterina Cornaro and all the highest offices of the Venetian Magistracy, in a faithful reconstruction of the glorious past of one of the most powerful and influential Maritime Republics in the Mediterranean.

The race consists of various regattas on particular types of boats. Today the most popular and exciting is the gondolini regatta which the citizens watch with partisan animosity.

Written by Margherita Pasotto



Excellent location, walking distance to all siyes, very good family owned trattorias nearby


Lovely and friendly hotel

We really enjoyed our stay here. The hotel is very close to the centre but out of the main tourist area. The rooms are comfortable if slightly small. Well equipped and the hotel has a good, elegant style.


It was a special time.

The staff was amazing. They pointed us in the right direction every day! Couldn’t have asked for more!