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April 25th: the Boccolo of San Marco

On the 25th of April here in Venice we remember the end of the Second World War and also, we honour Saint Mark’s, our saint patron.

On this day Venetians are easily recognisable because they are holding a rose to give to their beloved.

According to the tradition each man gives a red rose to his lady, here called boccolo (curl).

Behind this tradition there is an ancient legend which, in my opinion, has even inspired Shakespeare. It’s the legend of Vulcana, a burning and passionate noble woman full of ardor for Tancredi, a troubadour of humble origins considered not worth of her.

Love led Tancredi to enrol with the troops of Carlo Magno, to obtain a title and credibility.

Tancredi soon gained respect but never a title because was mortally wounded in a battle. He died on a rose garden holding a rose stained with the red of his blood.

Orlando, his faithful friend and companion, took that rose to Vulcana who received it right on St. Mark's Day. The same night Vulcana killed herself with the rose tight to her heart.

Written by Margherita Pasotto



Excellent location, walking distance to all siyes, very good family owned trattorias nearby


Lovely and friendly hotel

We really enjoyed our stay here. The hotel is very close to the centre but out of the main tourist area. The rooms are comfortable if slightly small. Well equipped and the hotel has a good, elegant style.


It was a special time.

The staff was amazing. They pointed us in the right direction every day! Couldn’t have asked for more!