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Venice is not sinking!

3rd of October 2020, historical date for Venice. We will find it engraved on some walls, close to the notches of the high waters that in the past flooded us, but never drowned us.
On the 3rd of October 2020, seventy-eight mobile gates protected Venice from the 135 cm of exceptional high tide.
We heard the sound of the siren, three tones, which indicate over 130 cm. We were all ready, rubber boots on the door, bricks under furniture, store goods raised, steel bulkheads settled… The Mose was activated, we stayed dry, like dry was the mouth of those who have argued for years and of those who made “Venice is sinking” a stereotype.
Venice is not sinking and those seventy-eight massive yellow gates deserve a new cover of Vogue...


Written by Margherita Pasotto



Excellent location, walking distance to all siyes, very good family owned trattorias nearby


Lovely and friendly hotel

We really enjoyed our stay here. The hotel is very close to the centre but out of the main tourist area. The rooms are comfortable if slightly small. Well equipped and the hotel has a good, elegant style.


It was a special time.

The staff was amazing. They pointed us in the right direction every day! Couldn’t have asked for more!