ठहरना कॉल

Festa del Redentore

The Basilica of Redentore is a glorious masterpiece of the Palladio. It is a keepsake from Venice for having been freed from the plague that between 1575 and 1577 killed more than 50,000 people.
To celebrate the end of the epidemic, a temporary pontoon bridge was built for the first procession to the basilica. The tradition continues every third Sunday of July. You reach the basilica by crossing the Giudecca Canal on foot on a floating path.

The real celebration is the night before the procession. Venice is lit by mega galactic fireworks, the most beautiful I have ever seen, the most powerful. 
The fires begin at 11.30pm. But the party is also the anticipation: you drink and eat, everyone has cooked something, there is the duck, the saor and the watermelon. There are songs, toasts and stories told.
The blast that announces the start makes everyone put their glass down and fall silent. 
Every year there are different choreographies, more or less spectacular according to the budget, but always there are the golden fountains and the "oooooh" of the spectators.

The part I prefer the most are the three fireworks that mark the end, sober, low and deaf but that reverberate inside you for hours and that move everyone, always.

This year we will pay homage to the Redentore with a different spirit ... perhaps more aware and grateful.

Written by Margherita Pasotto