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Altane Veneziane: Looking afar in Venice

The altane, some kind of terraces built with wooden planks over the roofs of Venetian houses.

The altana was used to hang the laundry, to look forward, lighten hair, refresh the skin away from prying eyes, talk to the moon or in the moonlight, dream ...

Luckily, very little has changed … we keep fantasizing on the rooftops like cats, hoping that someone will listen!

The altane are structures located above the rooftops of Venice characterizing the architecture of the city, a sort of wooden terraces supported by pillars. If you have the opportunity to stand on a church tower or rooftop of a building, or if you just look up while walking through the calli of Venice, for sure you’ll notice a few.

The altana is not however a true terrace. The structure is made up of a tray of wooden boards exposed to the sun and winds, resting on the roof. It rests on small pillars, with perhaps a side leaning against the loft through which you will be able to go outside, often hitting your head against it after climbing into the house through the attic.

Written by Margherita Pasotto


Härligt och vänligt hotell

Vi har verkligen haft vår vistelse här. Hotellet ligger mycket nära centrum men av turistområdet. Rummen är bekväma om de är lite små. Välutrustat och hotellet har en bra, elegant stil.


Det var en speciell tid.

Personalen var fantastisk. De pekade oss i rätt riktning varje dag! Kunde inte ha bett om mer!



Utmärkt läge, gångavstånd till alla siyes, mycket bra familjeägt trattorier i närheten