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Travelers arriving at the front desk of Hotel Giorgione pleasantly feel like a true ‘house guest.’ It is just this consideration that drives the Pasotto family in the natural continuation of an old tradition that, since the 1800’s, has made of this residence a comfortable and welcoming place for anyone.

Hotel Giorgione

An ancient building in Venice is where history unfolded for Hotel Giorgione, an old 4-star residence located in the city district of Cannaregio which has forever been a beacon of Venetian hospitality. A romantic story of passion and…pleasantness.

The story of Hotel Giorgione begins in the warehouse on Calle dei Frati ai Santi Apostoli, originally used to store the sweets produced by Venice’s Dolcetti family. Restored at the beginning of the 19th century, the building is turned into an Inn, providing welcoming accommodations and an on-site bocce court.

At the end of the 19th century, the purchase of the house next to the warehouse allowed for an expansion of the inn, which changed its name to Giorgione Hotel in honor one of the most talented artists of the time: painter Giorgione, a charming fellow whose talent captured Venetian aristocracy.

Set in the cosmopolitan city of Venice, the hotel was passionately managed by Giovanni Dolcetti, art expert and painting connoisseur who turned the hotel into the stay of choice for scholars, diplomats, and foreign visitors by offering modern amenities in rooms that conveyed the priceless feeling of being ‘at home.’

With the passing of time, management of the hotel was inherited by Ilde Scarpa and her husband Gustavo Dolcetti who, after taking over for his brother Giovanni, died at a young age, leaving to his wife the task of upholding the former inn’s reputation.

Bright, young and educated Ilde carefully tended to Hotel Giorgione, always maintaining an excellent level of service, reflecting the belief that customers are like ‘house guests’, faithful friends who duly return to recapture the charm of Venice. This dedication to service is still alive and well at Hotel Giorgione.

The Present

At age 95, Ilde left the hotel her favorite niece Cecilia Dolcetti. Cecilia’s husband, talented businessman Luciano Pasotto has the hotel restored and transformed into the current 4-star residence.

The Pasotto family has been managing Hotel Giorgione for over 20 years with a newly renewed passion for hospitality, year after year…


The Pasotto family, who owns Hotel Giorgione, carefully preserves its tradition and its passion for welcoming and hosting guests to this unique historical house that stands above other Venice hotels.

Transformed into a 4-star hotel by the Pasotto family, Hotel Giorgione has benefitted from a remarkable renovation of the buildings, which extended access to a new loft level, accessible via 2 elevators and featuring charming rooms with roof terraces.

A recent restoration has allowed for the reopening of the splendid and private internal courtyard, with an emotional hot brine hydro massage tub that is an exclusive feature in Venice’s historic center, the result of the same brilliant intuition allowed for the reopening of the “Osteria Enoteca Giorgione” wine bar, separately managed in the adjoining building, a major attraction for tourists and Venetians who love good food.

Today, visitors staying at Hotel Giorgione will witness constant, meticulous, and never-ending activities to upgrade, decorate, and produce warm interiors that aim at feeling like ‘home’ rather than like a hotel. These rooms feature every modern comfort and service delivered by a highly professional multilingual staff.